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OS 203 Lab Review
September 12, 2014 | 5:30PM
Dualan Laboratory



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PLDWe came into being in 1969, when eleven of us felt the need to bring together minds that refused to be encased in the mold of rigidity and convention that the ordinary female student finds herself in. With this motivation, Sisters Anet Bernabe, Anet Velasco, Helen Mendoza, Celia Genio, Maggie Cruz, Mel Lazaro, Beng Toledo, Zenda Garcia, Teng Ynares, Nemy Pecson and Lita Barros held the first meeting at 1693 Ma. Orosa St. to pave the way for a sisterhood that will outlast the wear and tear of time. They named the sorority Phi Lambda Delta, which stands for Fellowship of Lady Doctors. A gold rose and aesculapius against a dark blue background with the Greek sorority name across the center was chosen as the identifying insignia. Thus we, the Phi Lambda Delta, emerged with a core of 28 pioneers.

old2During our first year, the Sorority's flame not only grew brighter but also spread through the outstanding leadership of our Superior Sister Exemplar then. Students from different classes joined us, and so, we grew in number and in strength. Hand in hand with our brother fraternity – Phi Kappa Mu– we fought hard for our recognition; finally, the much-awaited recognition was granted on November 20, 1969. In no time at all, we proved our worth – sponsoring cake sales, joining and winning with the brods in the lantern parade, sponsoring seminars, etc. These activities certainly kept the PHI flame blazing in our hearts.

That was just the beginning. With each initiation period, new sisters are added to the fold. Initiations forge a common bond, but the real measure of one's worth as a PHI comes in the daily grind of a medical student's life, in the conduct she shows and examples she sets. And so her scope is broadened, her talents uncovered, her energy channeled. In her love for life and in spirit for service, a new coat is added – that of PHI – for henceforth, she is a PHI. Henceforth, her actions will also be measured according to the PHI standards, whether they were done in the spirit of sisterhood and in the spirit and tradition of PHI.